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Smoltz; a Red Sock posted on 01/15/2009
John Smoltz was a great signing indeed and it is a win-win situation for both sides of the table.  If Mr. Smoltz performs well as he did throughout his career then he receives bonuses, the Red Sox get wins and the fans are happy.  If Mr. Smoltz does not perform well then he does not receive bonuses but the Red Sox will have had one of the greatest pitchers of all time on their team, whether win or lose. John Smoltz was (is) a great pitcher for starting and in relief.  I would not care what age he was playing, if I was a general manager I would sign him to my team just out of respect for what he has accomplished in his 21-year pitching career. I don’t know the former Braves pitcher but with his work ethic you can tell he is a classy guy with a lot of respect f

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Kevin Millar (2004) vs. Kevin Youkilis (Present) posted on 08/25/2008
It is hard to decide who was more charismatic for the Boston Red Sox through the 2004’s World Series run and 2007’s. They were the self-proclaimed idiots in 2004 by Kevin Millar and Johnny Damon and in 2007 they were the team to reckon with.

In 2004 it was obvious that the 1B Kevin Millar, now with the Baltimore Orioles, was the team leader with the entire energy, relaxation and confidence builder. As the years move on it is quite obvious that 1B Kevin Youkilis is filling that role.

Kevin Millar was a fun guy to watch and same goes with Kevin Youkilis. They each had interesting batting stances, they each led the team, they each performed well and they each helped the team win the World Series.

Obviously Kevin Millar is not performing for the Orioles as Mr. Youkilis is for the Red Sox; Millar is batting .248 with eighteen home runs & sixty-six RBIs, while Youkilis is batting .318 with twenty-four home runs and eighty-nine RBIs.

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The New American League East posted on 08/19/2008
The New American League East For next few Major League seasons, the American League East standings will be similar to this:
Tampa Bay Rays 96-66
Boston Red Sox 94-68
New York Yankees 91-71
Toronto Blue Jays 83-79
Baltimore Orioles 69-93

Whether Red Sox or Yankees fans like it or not, the Tampa Bay Rays will get better every season. Why not? Their team are full of young and talented ballplayers. Their pitchers have not even reached their prime, starting pitchers anyway, their offence is full of young hitting machines and defense is very good.

While the Yankees and Red Sox spend hundreds of millions of dollars, the Rays will be spending a fraction of that, just like the Florida Marlins however, after this season the Rays will be spending a bit more because of their success.

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Who is your Favorite Red Sox Pitcher? posted on 08/15/2008

I have been a Boston Red Sox fan since 1997 when they acquired Knuckleball throwing starting Pitcher Tim Wakefield and the tremendous team captain catcher Jason Varitek.  Tim Wakefield, believe it or not, really made me start liking the Red Sox. 

It is hard to put into words but everything Mr. Wakefield does on the field gives me a sense of excitement and a form of originality unlike most pitchers who have to throw 100mph fastball.  

The 11-year veteran just throws a 75mph knuckleball and fools the hitters, most of the time.   

Who is your favorite Red Sox pitcher whether it’s currently or from the past?

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Why oh Why Byrd? posted on 08/13/2008

That is what I am trying to get through my mind this Wednesday morning, out of all the pitchers to sign, why Paul Byrd? He is 7-10 with a 4.23 ERA but the excuses I am hearing is that he has been dominant since the all-star break.  That does not bode well enough with this Red Sox fan.

There are dozens of other free-agent starting pitchers available and would be, in my opinion, a better fit than Mr. Byrd.  Esteban Loaiza is one starter that comes to mind and possibly even cheaper than the ace in the ALCS for the Cleveland Indians.     

Another starting pitcher and former top ace for the Seattle Mariners and the Chicago White Sox Freddy Garcia would be a good fit in the injured Red Sox rotation.  All these pitchers want to pitch again in the majors and, like most other free-agents, Barry Bonds namely comes to mind, would take a massive pay cut.  Paul Byrd, in my opinion would not.     

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