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David Salinas
Wednesday 15th October 2008, 5:08am
All we want is another Super Bowl Trophy!

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Cowboy Nation: Owner edition posted on 07/27/2009

River City Dreamin'

Camp is just days away in the wonderful city of San Antonio, TX.  When thinking of the previous location, Oxnard and the years that training camp has been spent over there, the only thing that comes to mind is:  Screw California.  Raiders and Chargers and 49ers and a Governor who tried to kill Christian Bale in the latest Terminator movie.  Yuk!  My hatred of that west coast state aside, there is nothing like a Texas team preparing for the upcoming NFL season in Texas.  That being said, I think it's time to take a look at the Dallas Cowboys from the Owner down to the towel boy (Mickey Spagnola).  Part one, JWJ.

Jerry Jones.

Jerrel Wayne Jones was born on October 13, 1942 in Los Angeles, California.  Jerry's family came to their senses and relocated to Arkansas when he was just a baby boy.  In his teens, he was a star running back at North Little Rock High School, and was awarded a football scholarship from the University of Arkansas.  As co-captain and starting guard of the 1964 squad, the team went 11-0, beat Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl, and won the national championship.  Following his graduation in 1965, Jones was hired as an executive vice president at Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri, his Father's insurance company.  He passed on an opportunity to buy the AFL's San Diego Chargers in 1967, opting to further his degree at Arkansas.  He received a master's in business in 1970, and then ventured into oil and gas exploration in Oklahoma.  After two decades in the oil and gas game, Jones entered the world of professional sports in 1989, purchasing the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium for $140 million. 

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Cowboy Nation: 4th and Long edition posted on 07/17/2009
Cowboy Nation
4th and Long edition

Michael Irving and Monday Night Football.  Two statements that seem to go together.  Just when Cowboy fans thought the best thing in the summer months were training camp and pre-season, here comes #88.  The Playmaker's new show "4th and Long" brings the spirit of competition to six wide receivers and six defensive backs.  I'll admit, I though this was going to be just as embarrassing as all those cocaine arrests that Mike had to endure late in his career.  But with the help of Bill Bates and Joe Avezanno, Mike has turned this "Reality Show" into a true drive to the dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboy.  Once more, he removes the stigma of "Reality Show" in the first episode, stating that this is a "Football Tryout Camp, don't give me that (expletive) about a reality show".  Each week the competitors are graced with the presence of Cowboy greatness.  Tony Dorsett, Roger Staubach and Daryl "The Moose" Johnston drop by with their own words of wisdom and specific drills.  Not to mention the original #88, Drew Person, who shared a poignant story of not being drafted, and finding the fire to be the best.  There is even an episode where Mike's "home" team heads up against Jerry Rice's team of rivals (rejects from the previous episodes).  

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Cowboy Nation: July Edition posted on 07/13/2009
Cowboy NationJuly 13th, 2009

We're back!  The Nation has returned.  All of those beatings in December have finally healed, or would have been totally forgotten if the NFL Network didn't replay the Philly game this past Sunday.  But all that is in the past, just like TO, Pacman, Anthony Henry (the only good guy in the bunch), Roy (I used to be good, but can't cover for (insert expletive here)) Williams, and Greg ("It's Demarcus' fault") Ellis.  Let's not forget the great Zach Thomas.

It's a new year, the circus has left town.  We are now left with solid, professional type players, with the obvious exception of Martellus Bennet.
I would like to start off my usual rant with the #1, on the top issue that is floating around in my nefarious little brain.  There should be no excuses this year.  Please, let me repeat that,  

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Cowboy Nation: I miss Football edition posted on 02/09/2009
And that's it.

It's all over. 

Now is the time when we look through sick spring/summer months before another game.  Sure, there will be the draft, very few, compelling stories to sift through.  A Pacman story or two.  But now is the hour of our discontent.  Sunday will once again be an empty shell of a day.  What will we do for the 12+ hours that used to be dedicated to watching football on the holiest of days.  Fantasy points and trash talk.  Loud cheers from a touchdown.  Prayers before the snap for an interception, then bragging that your middle name is "Nostradamus" when it actually happens.  Having to live through six months of the knowledge that an average football team took home the trophy this year.  That's right, I said it.  Average.

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Cowboy Nation posted on 12/15/2008

One Giant Win

The bickering Cowboys banded together as a unit on Sunday night to hand the New York Giants their second consecutive loss.  This was one exciting win as Tashard Choice once again proved that he is for real.  No Felix Jones?  No problem as Choice delivered in the fourth, a quarter that is usually reserved for Marion Barber.  Barber was not himself, he finished with 8 rushes for 2 yards.  That's an average of 0.3 yards a carry.  Choice on the other hand was 9 for 91 yards and a touch.  His average carry was 10.1 yards.  Big difference.  It's safe to say that without Tashard Choice, the Cowboys falls back into the same type of game that they had against the Steelers, and blow another late lead.  The truth is this team played together, all the worthy components charging as one unit.  Romo battling through a back contusion, and coming back to score.  As he did against the Browns in game one, remember the taped chin?  Witten converting on that 3rd and 9 late in the game.  This was the game winner, Choice adding to it on the next play just icing on the cake.  The Defense was great. 

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